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Information for Coming to Court

Whether you are a litigant, defendant, witness, family member of a party, or an interested member of the public, please keep in mind the following attire when coming to court:

  • No hats or caps (not including religious attire)

  • No tank tops

  • No shorts

  • No flip flops

  • No pajamas

  • No clothing with offensive language

  • No clothing with designs regarding any case appearing before the court

Additionally, certain items are prohibited in the courtroom:

  • No firearms or weapons of any kind

  • No cell phones or other electronic devices

  • No purses, handbags, bookbags, or briefcases

  • No lighters or vape pipes

  • No food or gum

If any of the restricted items are needed for a court proceeding, please notify court personnel upon your arrival.

Court personnel and courthouse offices cannot hold any items for you while you are in court.  Please leave these items in your vehicle and do not bring them inside.

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